Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Penguin Book Cover

Last year I was commissioned to illustrate a cover for the Vladimir Nabokov novel Bend Sinister. It is one of a series of Nabokov covers that have been re-released by Penguin. Pentagram designed the layout and background pattern for each book and a different illustrator was asked to illustrate each one. Here is the cover for Bend Sinister, which was released last week.


migue said...

great, greeat :)~

Scott said...

That's really incredible, congratulations. It looks very nice.

It's one of my dreams to do a Penguin Classic, it seems very appealing to be responsible for the cover of such a book. It would go from book stores, to people's homes, a gift, lent about, to op shops and who knows where. It is really a very exciting idea, I say.

Unknown said...

I love that cover. But aren’t those bends rather than bends sinister? On reflection maybe not.